Unit Table of Organization and Equipment

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Unit Table of Organization and Equipment

Post  Brooks on Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:01 am

6th of October Mercenary Unit
CO: Lieutenant Colonel Ignatia "Iggy" Av Ley

G "Genesis" Company (Foot Rifle Paratrooper Paramedic Infantry)

Lieutenant Colonel Ignatia "Iggy" Av Ley: Small Arms 5, Anti-'Mech 5
- Foot Rifle Paratrooper Paramedic Infantry (19/28)
Lieutenant Al Na'ir: Small Arms 4, Anti-'Mech 5
- Foot Rifle Paratrooper Infantry (18/18)

O "Omega" Company (Medium Combined Arms)

Red Lance (Medium Battlemech)
Force Commander Leonitus Comrin: Gunnery 5, Piloting 4 (Light, Medium)
- VL-2T Vulcan
Sergeant Vladimir Strakowsky: Gunnery 4, Piloting 5 (Light, Medium)
- SHD-2H Shadow Hawk
Corporal Remeus Nikaji: Gunnery 5, Piloting 6 (Light, Medium)
- VLK-QA Valkyrie
Corporal Bono Hogan: Gunnery 4, Piloting 4 (Heavy)
- LM4/C-H2 Lumberjack "Hogan 2"

Scout Lance (Light Hovercraft)
Corporal Mumina Musoke: Gunnery 4, Driving 5 (Hover, Wheeled, Tracked)
- Savannah Master Hovercraft

Support Lance (Medium Vehicle)
Sergeant Gretel MacCutcheon: Gunnery 3, Driving 3 (Tracked)
- Vedette Medium Tank
Corporal Josephine Kartodirdjo: Gunnery 4, Driving 5 (Tracked)
- AC/2 Carrier
Rio Angelesti: Gunnery 5, Driving 5 (Wheeled)
- Hetzer Wheeled Assault Gun


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