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Battletech Mercenaries Pay Calculations Empty Battletech Mercenaries Pay Calculations

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The contract payments in Field Manual: Mercenaries are severely flawed. They base the contract's payoff on the salary of the mercenary unit, unbalancing earning potentials of different combat units, regardless of their actual ability.

For example, a battlemech's contribution to the contract pay is based primarily on the salary of the pilot, not on the 'Mech's capabilities. An Elite pilot in a Stinger is valued three times more than a Regular pilot in an Atlas. An infantry platoon is valued many times more than either.

Also, support forces are included, which further unbalances things. Those two 3-man field kitchen staffs are paid more then a regular Mechwarrior, but I guarantee you the Federated Suns didn't hire you to deploy six cooks to a BBQ on New Avalon!

Here is my solution: base the contract payment on the Battle Value of the combat units (and ONLY combat units) deployed to fulfill the contract.

The formula is simple.

Take the BV of every combat unit x75 (Conventional Infantry) or 25 (other units)
X Overall force skill rating (the same modifiers as salaries)
X Mission Multiplier
X Employer Multiplier
X Dragoon Multiplier (use 1.0 for Unrated commands)
X Era Payment Multiplier
X Duration (in months)

This gives a nice approximation of the C-bill value of combat units. For example, an Objective Raid (1.6), for the Federated Suns (1.2), by a D-rated unit (2.1), in the 4th Succession War (0.Cool, would have the following payments per month:
- A Light 'Mech Lance (BV 2,400): 193,536 C-bills
- A Medium Vehicle Company (BV 8,400): 677,376 C-bills
- An Infantry Battalion consisting of three Foot Infantry Companies (BV 300 each): 217,728 C-Bills

Conventional Infantry BV is multiplied by 75 instead of 25 because other unit types require significant downtime or maintenance, and spend most of their time sitting in hangars. Infantry are always performing some operation, even in laid-back garrison contracts. Also, infantry are the only force capable of many tasks, especially in an urban environment.

It also boosts infantry payment to a point where it is actually cost-effective to field infantry, as otherwise the high monthly salary requirements of infantry platoons would make them prohibitively expensive.


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